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Wellington Car Parks Ticket Advertising

There are 4 short stay car parks located in Wellington which are all conveniently located on the entrance to a vibrant high street, an indoor market and local businesses.

The car parks are located at:

  • Nailors Row - 2 machines
  • Victoria Road North (Health Centre) - 3 machines
  • Swimming Pool East (Wellington Town Council) - 2 machines
  • Swimming Pool West (Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre) - 3 machines

Advertising on the Wellington car park tickets gives you the opportunity to put your brand in the hands of consumers throughout Wellington every day of the week. That's thousands of people every day who will recognise, read and respond to your message.

The short stay car park machines in Wellington dispense 40,000 tickets a month and can host multi-colour adverts to a targeted audience.

Why this option?

  • target 40,000 people a month
  • target customers visiting Wellington


£460 plus VAT for 40,000 tickets (typical monthly supply)

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